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I actually managed to stay on top of the DVR this weekend (although I still have shows from last week that I haven't watched yet), so without further ado, here are my thoughts on the television programs I watched:



First of all, holy shit...can you believe that opening fight scene? I was kind of expecting it, since NBC put the entire thing online earlier in the week, but I resisted the urge to watch until Friday night when the episode actually aired. That was one of the most insane fights I've seen anywhere — TV or movie. Beyond that? The second season premiere was a little humdrum. There were some great little bits of dialogue but it was mostly a slow build-up to nothing. I will admit to forgetting almost everything that happened in the season finale last year (it's been almost a year, give me a break), so a "previously on Hannibal" clip at the beginning would've been nice. Still better than almost every show on network TV that I know of.



So glad I stuck with this show. The pre-launch hype was pretty huge and then, once the show finally aired, it was a huge letdown. But after two or three rough weeks, Helix found its stride. I was sad to see Jeri Ryan's character come to a quick ending last week, as she was surprisingly good here (this coming from a huge Trekkie who was actually was not a Seven-of-Nine fan). This week's episode kept the theme of having more and more secrets unraveled, which is refreshing in the post-Lost landscape in which every show thinks its has to answer every secret by adding 10 more. I will say, though, I was oddly bothered in this episode by the fact that no one's breath was visible in the air, despite a large majority of the episode taking place in temperatures that were -40 to -50° Fahrenheit. I know the show is probably filmed in Vancouver (I'm assuming) on a tiny SyFy budget but, still, it bugged me.


Saturday Night Live

Good lord, what an abomination. Look, it's a well-known fact that I HATE The Big Bang Theory (that's a rant for another day), but I have nothing against Jim Parsons. He seems like an affable, talented guy...just trapped on a crap sitcom for the past 7 years. Anyway, I don't think the failure of this SNL episode was his fault; he seemed to be doing his best with the material he was given. The writing was just awful; there were a few good ideas (Tonkerbell, The Bird Bible, The Dance Floor Killer) but none of it was executed well at all. And don't get me started on musical guest Beck. Has anyone even bought a Beck album in the past fifteen years? C'mon. The one bright spot was Weekend Update and the debut of new co-host Colin Jost. I thought Jost did a decent job. Better than poor Cecily Strong, who is extremely funny but is not a good fit for Update. Anyway, once again the best bit of the night went to Taran Killam's Jebidiah Atkinson:


The Walking Dead

I'm gonna be quick and dirty with this recap. This episode was garbage. I've been a huge TWD apologist in the past, and I've thought this season has been the most consistent so far. But this episode, which attempted to bring some character development to both Darrell and Beth, was boring as hell and added nothing in the end. Remember when George Romero said this show was nothing more than a soap opera with an occasional zombie? This is the kind of crap he was talking about.


True Detective

I've been raving about this show for weeks on Facebook and in person to everyone I know, so I'll save you all of my high praise. Let's just say this penultimate episode was more of the same great stuff, with Matthew McConaughey showing why he deserved that Oscar (even though it was obviously not for this performance). My only concern is that going into the last episode, it seems we may be headed toward a slightly more conventional, cop procedural-type ending than I originally expected. I don't want to see all of these insane supernatural, Lovecraftian theories floating around the internet come true, but I guess I am hoping for something a little out of left field. Only one week left to see how it turns out. Oh, and speaking of McConaughey's Oscar win...


The Oscars

Honestly, I barely watched any of the Oscars this year. I flipped by in-between The Walking Dead and True Detective, but I hadn't seen a single one of the films this year, so my interest was at an all-time low. I want to say one thing, though...I'm glad to see that the days of one single film sweeping every category are mostly behind us. But, with that said, doesn't it seem a little odd when a different film wins almost every other category? I mean, how can the best acted movie of the year be Dallas Buyers Club, the best filmed, directed, and edited movie be Gravity, and yet the absolute best picture of the year is 12 Years A Slave? I'll agree that most films aren't exactly the sum of all their parts, but doesn't that seem a bit odd to anyone but me?


All right, that's it for this weekend. What else should I be watching? Let me know!

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