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TV, Movies, Video Games, Geek Culture, News, Opinions, Rants, & Raves

In case you're wondering why there haven't been any blog posts lately, I don't have much in the way of an answer. I have been pretty busy with a lot of different things, but that's not a really good excuse. I'm also still not sure what I want this blog to me. I think it's already become far more formal and stiff than I intended it to be, so I'll be working on that. I need to find a way to balance recaps, news, and opinions with the casualness of a daily journal. I'd like this blog to be something in-between, and it's not there yet.

Lastly, Kinja (the platform on which this blog is hosted, as well as all of Gawker's various websites) is being updated this week, and the commenting system is being drastically overhauled. Now, that probably means nothing to you if you only read my blog, but it's been a huge disappointment to me. I chose to place my blog here on Kinja because I saw that there was a community of bloggers and commenters here, and I was eager to join them. I've been the past three weeks diving in headfirst, commenting and joining in many conversations across my favorite Gawker sites (io9, Kotaku, and Lifehacker to name a few). However, this new commenting system is incredibly frustrating. If the author of the article doesn't reply to your comment directly, it is nearly impossible for anyone else to read it. To even find your comment, they would have to click layers and layers of "Load More" buttons and occasionally even click to branch open different conversation threads. What that means is that no one is engaging with my comments, and therefore I am not receiving traffic here at the blog. All of which defeats the entire purpose of hosting it here.


I haven't yet decided whether to move it, but I do promise to post SOMETHING else this week. If nothing else, I'm sure I'll throw together my Netflix picks on Friday.

Until then, ciao.

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